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Shooting videos with your phone? Check out our tips on how to become a pro easily!

6 grudnia 2021

The rapid development of smartphones meant that today these devices can be successfully used to shoot videos not only for personal use, but also to create more advanced materials, such as video blogs. Most phones are equipped with cameras recording in FullHD resolution, and top models can even support 4K. However, you'll need a few more accessories to get satisfying results. A small tripod for your phone, a photo backdrop, studio lights for recording, or maybe a reporter tie microphone? Take a cue from the experts and see what to equip yourself with to improve your video quality!  See more:

While even cheaper smartphones often have decent quality cameras, there are still a few hurdles you may encounter when shooting video.

The first has to do with image stabilisation. Phones are getting better at automating the loss of sharpness and video smoothness when the device moves, but relying on this alone is a big mistake.

Another issue concerns sound

. The built-in microphones in smartphones are great for conversations, but the quality of audio recorded with them leaves a lot to be desired.

Finally, there is the lighting. Whether you are shooting videos indoors or outdoors, you should be prepared for a variety of lighting conditions, including an overly dark frame. The right light will be essential if you want your video footage to look its best. The use of lights will also allow you to create interesting effects that will grab the viewer's attention.

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Fortunately, there are a few tricks that will help you tackle the above obstacles. To use them, specialists recommend equipping yourself with:

  • a phone tripod for recording - high or low, depending on your needs,
  • external reporter or tie microphone,
  • photographic background,
  • studio constant light lamps.

Tripod and microphone for recording - stable image, clear sound

If you want to shoot videos like a pro, think about buying a tripod for your phone. For indoor recording, you can use its small, low version. In you will find a foldable mini model with a ball head. We also recommend the flexible desk mount, perfect for vlogging. A tall phone tripod can also come in handy in the recording studio or outdoors.

Once you have a stable image, focus on the sound. Use external reporters, ties, or directional microphones for clear, crisp sound without background noise. Pay attention to the type of audio jack on your phone. You can find models on the market equipped with a USB-C connector, lightning or mini jack 3.5 mm.

Photo backgrounds - when there's too much going on in the background
If you want to distract your viewers from things in the background, get a photo background. In our shop you can find matt cardboard backgrounds, which guarantee absence of unfavourable light reflections. There are also polypropylene backgrounds, which are perfect green screen. Grey, green, white or maybe black? Adjust the colour to your needs.

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